Wind Power

Improve the conversion rate of wind power to achieve sustainable green energy.

Wind energy is a kind of green energy provided to human beings because of air flow work, which belongs to renewable energy. Wind power is to convert the kinetic energy of wind into electrical energy. With the development of offshore wind power, compared with onshore wind power, offshore wind power is more challenging.

Beisit products are gradually being used on project about offshore wind power at present, demonstrating the reliability and stability of the products. Meanwhile, Beisit is the main drafting unit of Zhejiang Manufacturing Group Standards of ‘Cable Gland for Wind Power’. Beisit has built cooperation with the domestic and international main enterprise for wind power. The products are mainly used in generators, gear boxes, converters, main control cabinets, transformers, variable pitch and other parts.
Horizontal-axis wind turbine
Horizontal-axis wind turbine can be divided into two types: lift type and drag type. Lift-type wind turbines rotate quickly, while drag-type wind turbines rotate slowly. For wind power generation, lift-type horizontal-axis wind turbines are mostly used. Most horizontal-axis wind turbines have wind-facing devices that can rotate as the wind direction changes. For small wind turbines, this wind-facing device uses a tail rudder, while for large wind turbines, a transmission mechanism composed of wind direction sensing elements and servo motors is used.
Vertical-axis wind turbine
Vertical axis wind turbines do not need to face the wind when the wind direction changes. This is a major advantage over horizontal axis wind turbines. It not only simplifies the structural design, but also reduces the gyroscopic force of the wind wheel when facing the wind.

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