Intelligent manufacturing

Integrating advanced technology and equipment, committed to providing more intelligent and efficient production and manufacturing services, and creating greater value for customers.

Continuously promoting lean production management

High end devices assist in intelligent manufacturing

  • Precision manufacturing instrument
    More reliable, stable, safer, and longer service life
Information system construction

Efficient and efficient information system

The introduction and application of information systems such as ERP and MES have achieved digitization and automation of production manufacturing and management, maximizing time and labor costs, and improving product quality and customer service levels.
  • Automatic production monitoring system
    More reliable, stable, safer, and longer service life
Precision mold center

Precision mold design and manufacturing capabilities

Independently designed and manufactured precision forming tools
Independently designed and developed molds, leading the international industry in the manufacturing level of screw tooth molds
Introduce CNC automation equipment and information management system to achieve automation, informatization, and intelligence in the processing process

Quality Management System

Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001
  • IATF 16949
  • lRIS 22163
  • lSO 9001(2015)