Technical capabilities

Promote innovation and improvement of products and technologies to adapt to rapidly changing market demands

Adhere to continuous technological optimization and upgrading, and quickly translate technological achievements into practice

The mission of Beishide is to provide the most reliable connector products for global industry.
  • 28.9%+ Proportion of R&D personnel
    110 professionals in design, programming, research and development, manufacturing, and other fields, with a strong technical team formed by high-end technical talents from the international industry
  • 3000Myriad+ R&D investment
    Explore and apply new materials, processes, and technologies to improve product quality, reduce costs, and meet the needs of different customers
  • 128+ Effective intellectual property rights
    17 domestic invention patents, 92 utility model patents, 16 appearance invention patents, 3 foreign patents, and dozens of overseas registered trademarks.

Strong product development capabilities

Professional technical team: The proportion of technical personnel is over 28.9%.

Develop high-level overall technical solutions.
  • 110
    Human professional technical team
  • 28.9%
    Proportion of R&D personnel

Advanced testing equipment, full process product testing

Continuously improve the quality management system according to EN62444 standard.

9 major processes and 37 inspections. From routine testing to extreme testing, ensuring products are more reliable, stable, safe, and have a longer service life.
  • 9
    Large process
  • 37
    Track detection inspection

Provide customers with the most reliable and efficient solutions

Since obtaining the title of Yuhang District Patent Demonstration Enterprise in 2015, we have continuously invested in technological research and development and achieved significant results. In 2021, it was rated as a patent pilot enterprise in Hangzhou.
  • 17
    Domestic invention patents
  • 3
    Foreign patents
  • 92
    Utility model patents
  • 20+
    Overseas registered trademark
  • 16
    Appearance invention patents