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Product recommendation: Beisit liquid cooled quick connector, specially designed for liquid cooling!

Release time:2023-08-14 16:46 Reading quantity:372
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In recent years, the topic of low carbon energy storage and charging piles has become increasingly popular, and many people choose green and environmentally friendly electric vehicles for travel. Convenient and efficient fast charging piles have also attracted the attention of the public. However, in the electric vehicle industry, there is an urgent need to address issues such as how to quickly dissipate the heat generated by chargers and how to properly seal the connection link without leakage.

Beisit Electric has launched connectors specifically designed for liquid cooling, which can be used for high-power liquid cooling charging connectors and liquid cooling quick connectors that quickly dissipate heat from equipment. They can achieve quick connection and disconnection without dripping during the entire process of connection.

The liquid cooled quick connector independently developed by Beisit has obtained national patent certification, and the product adopts a flat head design, which is flexible, efficient, safe, and easy to maintain. This product has a variety of O-ring materials, with PA66 as the main material. It has outstanding advantages such as compact structure, light weight, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, bidirectional sealing, strong self sealing, and convenient operation.

Working temperature: -40~110 ℃;

Fluid: coolant, water ethylene glycol;

Locking methods: push-pull, self-locking, button type;

Insertion and removal times: > 200, fast insertion and removal;

Path method: Multiple paths available, suitable for different traffic scenarios;

Sealing method: bi-directional sealing, no leakage during connection and disconnection;

High safety: small size, high flow rate, highly sealed, fast heat dissipation, and high safety;

High reliability: sturdy shell, vibration resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, and convenient maintenance.

The liquid cooled quick connector independently developed by Beisit is green and energy-saving, suitable for energy storage, new energy charging stations, and other fields.

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